DBMS Inc. is more than just a software house and computer dealership. We are a company dedicated to providing total solutions for all our clientele. In our opinion, it is not good enough for our customers to be merely satisfied; we want them to be PLEASED!

As a prospective client, we want you to receive the utmost in productivity from your computer system. In fact, we strive to "Automate Your Competitive Edge" and believe that we have accomplished this objective at other client sites.

Our programming achievements include the creation of code which is USER-FRIENDLY, well-documented and easy to maintain. It is written with structured, top-down programming techniques. We adhere to strict standards in the creation of systems. Actually, it would be difficult to tell which of our staff wrote a particular program if the name wasn't included with the source code documentation.

The personnel at DBMS have been providing software for businesses for over 25 years. During that time, we have produced many meaningful programming tools, utilities and uniform coding techniques. This lowers our cost of maintenance, support and enhancement. This, in turn, is reflected in the bottom line, lower total cost of ownership of our systems.

Currently, we are in the process of upgrading all the older code in our system. This increases end-user effectiveness through the use of these new tools. Third party products are also evaluated constantly for their prospective use in adding to the functionality of our systems without our "re-inventing the wheel"

We are constantly enhancing our systems. Our latest release includes intuitive help windows and a new object-oriented menu structure replaces earlier procedure oriented menus. User manuals have been rewritten from scratch to reflect these new features and make them more user friendly.

Our development plans for the future include optional GUI versions to compliment the traditional character based screens for those who prefer Windows, mouse use and touch screens.

Custom programming is a specialty of DBMS. Our exceptional staff of programmers and systems analysts can complete projects swiftly and at a reasonable cost, providing the end user with the perfect tool for business data processing.

Through our experience, we have become knowledgeable in many different types of businesses. Above all, we have learned to listen. We produce user friendly software applications which meet our client's needs. These applications allow for easy adaptability when business conditions change

... and they always do!

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