Retail Management System

How can DBMS Inc. sell the KEY-POS System
for so much less than the other POS Systems?

It all comes down to 2 words:
Low Overhead

Mature Proven Technology Base

The KEY-POS Retail Management System is built on a database that has been steadily improved and enhanced over a period of almost 35 years. Mature, robust, elegant systems require only a very small fraction of the support costs of "bleeding edge" technologies used by most of our competition. We do employ the latest proven technology where it is appropriate, but we avoid using technology only for technology’s sake - where most of the bugs still exist.

User-Friendly Products

KEY-POS is absolutely easy to use. Ask our customers! It is a tool to help you run your business. You will not become a slave to it. It works for you and it is a real workhorse. It is feature rich and has the features you will actually use to help you run your store. KEY-POS is not the flashiest, glitziest POS system around. “Flash” costs money, lots of it. Flash also comes with its own unique set of problems. As flashy becomes cheaper and more reliable to provide, we will add it when, and where it makes sense to our customers. Why pay for some bells or whistles that some “geek” computer programmer thought would be “cool”, but that you will never, ever use in the real world?

No Outside Sales Force

We have no expensive sales people running around the countryside making cold calls (driving you crazy). Nor do we have the cost of the management and support system for those type people. This results in an enormous savings that can be re-invested in the updating of our products based on the requests of our customers. We can demonstrate KEY-POS over the Internet and our experience gives us what we need to help a store in determining its requirements, without actually going to the store in most cases. Since our prices are published and uniform, and there is no salesperson’s commission to consider, we don’t spend a lot of time and resources haggling over prices.

Tell the Truth

Since we don’t lie or exaggerate, we don’t have to spend any time or money solving problems related to such activity. (See above, No Outside Sales Force)

Low Advertising Costs

Our primary sales method is through exhibiting at wholesale distributor’s markets. Although this can be pricey at times, most (90%) of our prospective customers are gained this way, as well as through “word of mouth” from our existing customers (and their distributor’s sales reps). We also generate interest and provide information from our in-expensive Internet web site at

We Do Not Teach Accounting

Although KEY-POS does include an excellent Accounts Receivable system for house charge accounts, it does NOT have a General Ledger, or produce Income Statements and Balance Sheets, per se. Although KEY-POS has a timeclock/timecard module, it does NOT have a Payroll system. Our customers successfully use "off the shelf" software such as Quickbooks™ and Peachtree™ to do their accounts payable, general ledger, financial statements and payroll, that is, if they want to do it themselves rather than have their accountant do it. KEY-POS gives them the information they need to do this. Teaching non-accounting people to run complex accounting systems is very expensive and not a good use of our time and resources, or our customer’s.

Virtual Offices

DBMS uses a virtual office concept. Our employees work from offices in their homes, eliminating a requirement for a big expensive office building and all its trimmings. By taking advantage of "off the shelf" computers, services offered by the phone company and the internet, the need for face to face visits between our employees is just not there. Time is not wasted in traffic. People are available for longer hours and are happier in their own controllable surroundings.

Rational Growth Plan

DBMS typically sells 12 to 24 new POS systems a year. This is a manageable pace and allows for a reasonable, sustainable growth rate. It lets us maintain the small business perspective of our customers and really understand their situations. Certainly we want to grow our business just as you do, but those in our industry who have grown too quickly have had serious growing pains in service and support that we want to avoid. We will continue to add new wholesale distributor markets as time and budget allows, and we are now exhibiting and demonstrating at 13 markets a year.

How can I see a demonstration?

You can call our toll free number (888-862-0662 Ext 1) and arrange to make a connection from any Internet capable computer via the Internet to our demonstration systems in our offices. Visit for more information.

One of our staff will show you the system in its entirety and answer all of your questions from the convenience of your home or office at a time of the day which is easiest for you.

Alternatively you can visit our booth at one of the many trade shows we exhibit at each year, also listed on this site under News/Tips/Events.

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