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How can DBMS Inc. sell the KEY-POS System for so much less than the other POS Systems?

Point of Sale Since 1980, DBMS Inc. has been providing quality, high performance computer systems. Today, with thousands of users all across the country, the KEY-POS Retail Management System is emerging as an industry leader in affordable retail systems.

KEY-POS was designed from the ground up with emphasis on performance, control, flexibility, and information tracking and presentation. Dollar for dollar, no other system matches the power and features of KEY-POS.

KEY-POS uses only industry standard PC and POS equipment and a true multi-user operating system/database to provide outstanding performance at an affordable price. The system's centralized design insures data integrity and complete integration no matter how many users are on the system.

Demo KEY-POS Online At DBMS, our #1 priority is satisfied customers. The system was designed to be easy to learn, use and operate on a day-to-day basis. You'll find no complicated day, week or month end procedures in the system nor any time-consuming posting, updating or closing processes. All information is updated live, automatically!

You are never alone with KEY-POS All systems are assembled and tested at our facility and are delivered to you with all software loaded and configured. Just plug it in and away you go.

The system is fully documented with a comprehensive user manual and DBMS periodically publishes additional documentation for special situations. In addition, support assistance is just a phone call away and our support rates are some of the lowest in the industry!

KEY-POS Retail Management SystemYour investment in KEY-POS is always protected. Based primarily on input and suggestions from our users, DBMS regularly releases updates for the system which add new features, reports, etc. and keep you on the cutting edge of retail systems technology.

We urge you to compare KEY-POS to other retail systems. You'll find that feature for feature, KEY-POS beats the competition hands down.


The KEY-POS Retail Management System from DBMS Inc. is the most advanced point-of-sale, inventory control and accounting system available.

Utilizing true multi-user technology on standard PC computer equipment, KEY-POS attains unequaled performance and reliability at an affordable price.

KEY-POS is a complete retail system including the following features:

KEY-POS was designed and written specifically for retailers. The system provides a very high degree of control, flexibility and automation which translates to savings in both time and money!

The KEY-POS system supports the following general features:

KEY-POS — The Right Choice!


POS Example Screens

The KEY-POS system will help you service customers better and faster while at the same time capturing and tracking a wealth of information.

The system can employ a high degree of automation including bar code scanning, automatic PLU, on-account credit limits, automatic billing, customer special pricing and much more!

The KEY-POS system supports the following features:

KEY-POS is the most complete, full- featured and powerful system available in it's price range. The system is extraordinarily easy to learn and use and is constantly enhanced by DBMS Inc., the first name in retail systems.


Inventory Screens

The KEY-POS inventory control system is one of the best in the business giving you unprecedented control over your inventory.

Without a good inventory control module, a point-of-sale system is just a glorified cash register. KEY-POS excels at controlling inventory supporting virtually every feature you can imagine.

KEY-POS takes it even one step further. Unlike other systems, KEY-POS adds a high degree of automation to the system so you won't have to spend hours every day maintaining the information. After all, aren't computers supposed to save time and work? KEY-POS does.

The KEY-POS Inventory Control Module supports the following features:

It would take pages to list every feature available in the KEY-POS inventory control module. Don't settle for anything less than KEY-POS


Accounting Screens

The KEY-POS accounts receivable system is just what the doctor ordered. Fully integrated with the point-of-sale module and geared for retail operations, you won't find a better suited accounts receivable system.

The KEY-POS Accounts Receivable system supports the following features:

As transactions are entered at the register, your charge customers are automatically billed, on the spot. Instantly find customer balances and outstanding invoices.

Customers will appreciate the speedy way KEY-POS handles on-account charges and you'll like the way it helps keep your cash flow flowing!


Sales Management Screens

Control, automation and information are the keys to successful computerization. Any computer system can ring sales, but, of course, you're already doing that.

The KEY-POS system gives you unprecedented control over the way in which the system, as a whole, operates. Many other systems have already decided how your business should run. KEY-POS lets you call the shots!

We think you are the best judge of how your business should operate. KEY-POS was designed to give you the flexibility to control the system, not vice-versa. Plus KEY-POS provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

Some of the outstanding management features of the KEY-POS system are:

KEY-POS puts you in control!

Distributor Communications

The KEY-POS Distributor Communications provides support for electronic data communications with any or all of the following distributors:

Distributor Communications is a full-featured system that includes the following features:

Data Transfers:

Distributor catalog and DOS data support:

Modem support:


The KEY-POS Home Office system from DBMS Inc. offers support for controlling branch stores from a central or main office. The following features are offered:


The KEY-POS Unit-to-Unit system from DBMS Inc. offers support for branch communications with the home office. The following features are offered:

Introduction  |   Point-Of-Sale  |   General  |   Inventory  |   Accounting  |   Management
Distributor Communications Option  |   Home-Office Option  |   Unit To Unit Option
Configuration & Pricing  |   FAQ  |   Create a Proposal Online
Print Our Brochure  |   Support/Manuals  |   KEY-POS Online Demo

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