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Retail Management System

Does this software run on Windows?

Because they are written in Pick Basic, our applications run anywhere Pick or D3 will run. This includes Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, Server 2008, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000, NT, 98, numerous versions of Unix and Linux.

We can also run in the Pick "native" multi-user mode on on the Linux based D3, requiring absolutely nothing from Microsoft Corp.

What equipment is required?

A minimum of a Pentium with 16 mb of RAM is required on the server. Turn-Key systems provided by DBMS all come on a Pentium Server. Registers and/or workstations can be "dumb" terminals or PC's running DOS or Windows or even Macs.

Must I have a Network?

No! A network is not required. Available serial ports and RS232 serial cables are all that is necessary to support the multi-user environment. However, some increased communication performance may be achieved through networking and TCP/IP networking is supported. In addition, networking also provides a multi-session capability that serial does not offer.

How are barcode scanners/readers supported?

USB, Keyboard Wedge and serial interfaced scanners are supported through a connection to a register, terminal, or PC workstation. The most widely supported scanner line are the Honeywell (formerly Metrologic) Voyager 9500 series. They offer USB, keyboard wedge, serial and bluetooth over USB functionality.

Can I use my existing equipment?

In one word... YES! Most all IBM compatible equipment is supported by our applications. We support most external modems. KEY-POS also supports most receipt printers, cash drawers, scanners and stripe readers. Most any display pole, which uses the ADEX parallel pass-thru mode or serial interfaces, are also supported. With the release of KEY-POS Version, we also offer the option to backup to USB flash drives, a cheap, convinent and efficient to protect your data.

Can I buy a complete system from DBMS?

Turn-key systems containing everything you need to automate your business are available from DBMS with special complete package pricing on both hardware and software.

When I make a sale using KEY-POS, when is my inventory updated?

Immediately! KEY-POS is a real-time on-line transaction processing system. All files affected by a transaction are updated immediately at the completion of the transaction.

Could my store be too big or too small to effectively use KEY-POS?

No. Stores with 1 register to 100's of registers/workstations can use KEY-POS.

Does KEY-POS "communicate" with my wholesale distributor?

The KEY-POS Distributor Communications module currently has electronic communication capabilities for sending Purchase Orders, Receiving Invoices, Inventory updates, Promotions etc. with United Hardware, Handy Hardware, Orgill Inc., Ace Hardware, Blish-Mize. We also welcome our newest additions, Jenson Distribution Services and Monroe Hardware.

The wholesalers are not identical in their offerings, so you should check with yours to see what information they make available electronically to their dealers. Long range plans include other wholesalers affiliated with Distribution America and Pro.

How much does it cost?

Complete, full-featured, "all-in-one unit", KEY-POS systems (hardware and software) start at $6400.00, with 3 station (2 registers and one server) systems costing around $12,000. Should you use the server as your first register and your own Windows workstation in the back room, this can be closer to $9,000.

Our wholesale distribution systems start at $15,000 for application software only, with accounting only (AP, AR, GL) also separately available for $5000.

How much Installation and Training is included in the price?

Because installation is so simple, 99% of our users do it themselves, using our color coding system, free assistance from us over the phone, and our written installation instructions customized to the site.

Training issues are typically resolved through our support line as part of our end-user support agreement(s).

We do offer on-site installation and training for $400 per 8 hour day + direct expenses for those users who would like it or maybe don't do well with manuals.

We can even do on-line training via modem dial-in or SSH Internet access and the system's tandem feature. Using this feature our staff can demonstrate or train from our offices to the computer screens at your store.

How much do the support agreements cost and what to they include?

KEY-POS (including Distributor Communications) software support agreements are priced from $125 for server only, + $10 for each additional user license per month and are mandatory.

Home Office and Unit-to-Unit support fees are evaluated on a case by case basis depending on the needs of the end user.

Distribution Manager and DBMS Accounting support agreements are $35 per module per month and are mandatory for as long as the software is activated. Typically, then, support for all 6 modules (Sales Orders, Inventory, Purchasing/Receiving, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger) would be $210 per month.

For these fees, telephone support is provided at no extra charge. As they become available, typically 2 to 3 times a year, upgrades to the software are also provided at no extra charge to those who request them, provided their support contracts are current.

Optional hardware service contracts are also available.

How can I see a demonstration?

You can call our toll free number (888-862-0662 Ext 302) and arrange to make a connection from any Internet capable computer via the Internet to our demonstration systems in our offices. Visit for more information.

One of our staff will show you the system in its entirety and answer all of your questions from the convenience of your home or office at a time of the day which is easiest for you.

Alternatively you can visit our booth at one of the many trade shows we exhibit at each year, also listed on this site under News/Tips/Events.

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