Distribution Management System

Sales Orders

DBMS Sales Orders is USER-FRIENDLY, completely menu-driven
and can be run in full color.

DBMS Sales Orders supports the following features:

Sales Order Reports Include:

✓   Customer Order Status
✓   Open Orders by Item - Summary/Detailed
✓   Aged Forecast
✓   Aged Backlog
✓   Orders Pending Approval
✓   Open Backorders by Customer
✓   Backorders by Item Number
✓   Bookings by Sales Order or Salesman
✓   Bookings Total Summary
✓   Orders in a Hold Status
✓   Invoices On Hold
✓   Print Sales

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Sales Analysis

The sales analysis capabilities of the Distribution Management System are obtained as a result of all data entry normally occuring into the system. Many reports come from the data base of posted invoice details, while others are from summary type files.

Most of the reports have multiple sort and selection criteria options and therefore ...

Each Report Listed May, In Fact, Provide Several Reports


  • Mtd/Ytd Sales By Item
  • Sales/Cost Analysis By Item
  • Sales By Item
  • Sales Analysis by Item #
  • Sales Analysis by Item with Multiplier
  • Sales/Inventory Report by Item
  • Sales Analysis by Product Group Codes


  • Sales By Customer By Product Group Code
  • Sales By Customer
  • Customer Trend Analysis
  • Customer Transactions by Invoice Detail
  • Summary Sales Analysis
  • Summary Sales Analysis by Sale Type
  • Customer Sales by Geographic Area
  • Customer Ranking


  • Invoice List (Stock, Direct, Special Order)
  • Sales Invoice Summary
  • Sales Invoice Detail
  • Invoice Summary By Salesman
  • Freight Allowed Invoices
  • Daily Invoice Analysis


  • Inside Salesman Sales Analysis
  • Outside Sales Rep Sales Analysis


  • Inquiry Tracking
  • Inquiry Tracking by Item
  • Inquiry Register by Date
  • Representative Inquiry
  • Inquiries by State by City
  • Inquiries by Customer
  • Inquiries by Salesman by Tickler Date
  • Inquiries by Select Customers
  • Inquiry Averages by Salesman
  • Inquiry by Salesman by State


  • Sales Recap
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Inventory Review

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DBMS Inventory is USER-FRIENDLY, completely menu-driven
and can be run in full color if desired.

DBMS Inventory supports the following features:

Inventory Reports Include:

✓   Cross Reference
✓   Price List by Manufacturer
✓   Inventory Price List by Item Type
✓   Inventory:
         - Price/Cost
         - Stock Status
         - Activity
         - Quantity Exception
         - Adjustments Transaction Register
         - Quantity Adjustments Journal
         - Purchases Details
         - Item Movements
         - Audit Trails
✓   Stock Status by ABC Code, Class Code
✓   Selective Stock Status
✓   Physical Inventory

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DBMS Purchasing/Receiving is USER-FRIENDLY, completely menu-driven
and can be run in full color if desired.

DBMS Purchasing/Receiving supports the following features:

Purchasing Reports Include:

✓   Active Requisitions and Purchase Orders
✓   Closed Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Shipments
✓   Requisition Detail
✓   Purchase Order Detail
✓   Requisitions by Vendor
✓   Purchase Orders by Vendor
✓   Purchase Receipts Details
✓   Weekly Exposure Details
✓   Delinquent Receipts
✓   Two-Week Receipts Projection
✓   Purchase Receipts Journal

and more ...

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DBMS Accounting and distribution software systems are among the most reliable and flexible systems available.

Utilizing true multi-user technology on standard PC computer equipment, mini-computer systems or mainframes, the distribution and accounting systems from DBMS represent real software value.

The Distribution Manager System includes the following:

The distribution and accounting systems provide a very high degree of control, flexibility and automation which translates to savings in both time and money.

All systems from DBMS support the following general features:

✓   Multi-User for 256 users (Terminals, Windows™ PCs, Mac OSX PCs, Workstations, Printers, etc. on a single standard Intel/AMD x86/x64 PC
✓   Multiple Division, Branch, and Warehouse Capability
✓   High-Performance Database with Built-In, Easy-to-Use Query/Reporting Language
✓   Departmental Control over live, daily, monthly, and yearly processing and posting
✓   Support and Customization Direct from the Authors
✓   Easy to Learn, Use and Maintain

and more ...

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SB+ Option

DBMS Accounting and Distribution modules are available with an SB+ option.

What that means is, certain aspects of the system have already been converted to take advantage of SB+ while we pursue the rewrite of the balance of our modules.

MENUS: All of the modules are available wrapped in SB+ menus. Our legacy menu drivers have been replaced by SB+ menu processes.

SALES ORDERS: Our new SB+ versions of Order Entry and Inquiry Capture also include new SB+ versions of inventory lookup and customer pricing processes. Your in-house salesman can lookup inventory, capture customer inquiries, price and/or take orders with practically no use of a keyboard. This is accomplished by using a mouse and pointing and clicking on choices from cascading selection windows. This "point and click" system can be accompanied by our customer dial in version. This more customer price specific "flavor" allows your customers to place their own orders from you using their own PC, SBTerm or SBTermite, and a mouse. No typing for them either!

Last, but not least, is an entity/contact database system that allows you to merge the functions of your rolodex and sales prospect tracking functions. This module allows you to record contacts with people and organizations, including dates and discussion notes, while allowing you to easily identify those entities for use as customers or vendors.

Development continues and new processes are deployed to our SB+ clients as they become available.

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